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Why Quotes?

The right words spoken at the right time have the ability to inspire motivate and persuade .Quotes are those little reminders that we all need now and then to shout to our soul which changes our life.. It help us to lift ourselves from low moments in our lives to that moment where everything starts to go up. Its appeal is universal, yet speaks to us on a personal level. The profound insight contained within a choice selection of crafted words has the potential to do great things.

Why Minequotes.com?

MineQuotes collection spans from the most brilliant minds in politics, government, sports, entertainment and comedy and everything in between. With a comprehensive and diverse database MineQuotes ensures that it has something for everyone. It is more than a stagnant, lifeless list of quotes enabling the reader to appreciate the meaning and insights on a deeper level opening up avenues of interpretation and allows each individual to take away something of value.

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As the name suggests it is mine of quotes and caters to every person. It is meant to educate and entertain, whether in a personal sphere or professional one. From journalists, media professionals, teachers and students to just individuals looking for an eclectic source of inspiration.

Find good ideas for newsletters, speeches, scrapbooks, journals, essays, greeting cards, cute crafts, photo apps, taglines, Facebook posts, witty email signatures, one-liners for blogs, letters to loved ones, a quote of the day, or clever ideas for any subject.

Browse, search; enjoy the thoughts, inspiration, and beauty of words!

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